Truth Be Told (e-book for immediate download)

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"Truth Be Told" is an exploration of why we don't tell the truth about ourselves, what happens in our lives when we live a lie, and how to begin telling the truth all the time, no matter what.

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Chapter Outline:

Chapter 1: Full of Slumber

  • Self-Abandonment is a Habit
  • From Fear to Truth
  • Truth
  • Will
  • Humility

Chapter 2: Fear

  • Worthiness and Rejection
  • Autonomy and the Engulfed Self
  • Physical Safety and Security

Chapter 3: The False Self

  • Nature vs. Nurture and the "Real" Self
  • Childhood Trauma is Like Learning to Drive
  • The Pleasing Facade and the Victim Mirror
  • The Liar of a Thousand Faces

Chapter 4: Addiction

  • What Would Take This Pain Away?
  • Suppressing the Body
  • Emotional and Interpersonal Addictions
  • Be Here Now

Chapter 5: "Love"

  • Addicted to Love
  • Relational Dyads and Emotional Duopolies
  • Into Big Fear: Challening Addictions in Relationships
  • The Untethered Self: Who are You Without Your Codependence?

Chapter 6: The Despised Body

  • "I Know it's a Stradivarius"
  • Disembodied By Design
  • The Body Never Lies
  • The Future of the Great Disembodiment

Chapter 7: The Courage to Change the Things You Can

  • Truth, Certainty, Dogmatism
  • The Door to the Unknown
  • Making the Unconscious (more) Conscious: Synchronicities, Dreams, and Investigations

Conclusion: It's Time to Grow Up: The Gretel Moment

  • Change or Die
  • The Pursuit of an Unhypocritical Life
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Truth Be Told (e-book for immediate download)

15 ratings
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